Live, Laugh, Love

January 4, 2012

Health Promotion

Ena Pugh and Lily Willward, British twins who celebrated their 102nd birthday. (Wales News Service)

         What is the secret to long life?  Scientists have been studying centurions to discover the secret of long life, but have yet come up with a definative answer.  A diet low in fat and calories and high in anti-oxidants has been touted as the secret diet of hundreds of centurions, but is that the secret of long life?  Live, laugh, love; we have all heard this simple adage and I believe this to be the “secret”.  After reading several interviews with centurions most include their personal secret to living a long life to be loving and laughing with friends, family, & their community.  This isn’t something you can do by simply snapping your fingers but rather a daily practice of learning how to de-stress and enjoy your life.  Learn to forgive.  Learn to love those who make life difficult.  And most importantly, learn to love yourself!

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