Smoking Past Your Life Expectancy

October 15, 2011

Health Promotion

A million to one odds

Here is my stance on cigarette smoking.  Cigarettes have been proven to have detrimental
effects on people such as COPD, emphysema, and cancer to name a few.  There have been some that have lived to 80 and
90 years old smoking a pack a day for 60 years. When smokers hear about rare insistences
of longevity coupled with cigarette smoking they themselves wish that they will
be that lucky.  I say “lucky” because
these occurrences are rare.  Go ahead and Google centurians that smoke; you won’t find much.  You may not
get lung cancer, but you will likely develop COPD or heart disease.  Unfortunately, for women who smoke, they have
a 25% higher risk of developing heart disease than male smokers do, according a
study of 4 million people printed in the British Medical Journal. To read a
synopsis of the study go to:

If you have out lived your life expectancy (78 years) and
you smoke then I won’t say much about that, however, it is my advice that if
you smoke and are treated twice a year for bronchitis or pneumonia you should
consider quitting. If you smoke you should consider seeing your health care
provider for a yearly physical to evaluate for heart & lung disease; especially if
you are overweight.  If you are on birth
control and smoke you should really consider quitting (you are risking a blood
clot). If you smoke and are feeling increasingly short of breath please follow
up with your doctor and quit smoking.

Call 1800 QUIT NOW for help with smoking cessation or call your
local hospital for smoking cessation classes.

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